Kids Sundays

Jesus has authority over everything

1. Welcome from Geoff & Ermintrude

2. Story

3. Craft

This week there are two activities you could try:

- Make a glitter jar

You will need: a jar or bottle, water, washing up liquid, food colouring (optional) glitter (or anything else you want to put in: sequins, water beads, pom poms, lego bricks, anything really...

1. Half fill the container with water.

2. Add your "extras": glitter, colouring, etc. as desired.

3. Add a little washing up liquid, then add water to the top.

4. Put the lid on very tightly - you may want to glue or tape it on.

calm down jar

- Make a paper boat - follow the instructions on this brilliant worksheet from the Diocese of Portsmouth here

paper boat

4. Song

5. Discussion & prayer

What makes you scared or worried?

Back in Jesus's time, it was very unusual for people to be able to swim - not like today. The disciples were terrified of the storm because if they fell in the lake, they could not stay afloat. This wasn't just feeling a bit queasy, the disciples genuinely believed they might die. And Jesus was asleep through the whole thing! He must have been very tired.

Can you shake up your jar so that everything you've put in swirls around like the storm in today's story? It can feel a bit like that in our brains or tummies when we are worried about things, can't it?

What did Jesus say to the storm? "Be still!" Make your jar still - put it down on the surface in front of you and watch everything settling. Picture Jesus calming the storm in your brain or tummy and making everything settle down, just like the contents of your container, as you watch everything in the jar settle. Stop for a minute and ask Jesus if there is anything he wants you to let go of, or anything he wants to tell you, as you watch the glitter settle.


Dear Jesus,

Sometimes the things happening around us make us feel scared or worried. It might feel like they are out of control, but we know that you can control them, just like you controlled the storm for the disciples. Thank you that you are in charge of everything. Please help us to trust you when we are afraid.


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